Digital Illustration

During my second year of university, we were given a live brief from Aspex Gallery. The brief asked us to design a poster for a topic 'Does making things make us Human?'. The idea behind my poster was to make people realise that humans are not the only one who make things ( as birds make nests ), yet we are the only one to have the creativity to make something as beautiful and complex as an origami.
My poster was one of the few chosen to be featured in the gallery exhibition.

Aspex Gallery

Digital Illustration, Poster/Cover Design

Illustration for Aspex Gallery - Poster Design
Digital Illustration for Aspex Gallery - Poster Design
Poster Design variations - Digital Illustration
Variations of Poster Design

Book Cover Illustration design - Penguin Design Awards 2015

Penguin Brief

This was another design, where I used a similar illustration style. I designed this book cover for Penguin Design Awards submission entry. The brief of the contest asked to design a cover for book 'Oranges are not the only Fruit'. The main topics of the book are religion and homosexuality.
I wanted to design a rather simple cover that could represent both of these topics. Direction of this illustration was inspired by biblical paintings and the idea of the cover was to convey the biblical motive of sharing the forbidden fruit, which in this case is an orange.

Penguind Design Awards 2015

Digital Illustration/Cover Design