Your Pet

Creatur is a game about choosing and growing your own pet creature. Select your pet from variety of unique creatures and give it a name. As you progress in the game, you will unlock even more creatures to have as your pets

Has Needs

Like a real pet, your creature will have its needs and you will need to take care of them. You will have to feed him at least 3 times per day, else it will get hungry and start starving.

Feed wisely

Feeding in itself is like a mini game, you will get randomly generated selection of foods to make a meal out of. Though choose wisely, because the choices you make will have consequences on your pet later on in the game.

Exercise daily

Part of the game is battling other players pets. To win fights you will need to train your pet. He needs to get strong, healthy and big. Variety of mini games will test your own reflexes and will help your pet get stronger

Get Strong

If you make all the right choices. Train your pet and feed him well, he will grow healthy, big and strong. His skills, strengths and appearance will improve.

Or get weak?

Though wrong choices on diet and not enough exercise will bring some bad consequences, your pet will gain weight, his health will decrease, and he will become weaker. Keep an eye on your pets Cholesterol levels, blood sugar and hydration all the time!


If you don't pay attention to your pet’s health, there can be serious consequences. If his diet and health isn't improved in time, he will develop various diseases and might even die! All your progress will be lost!

Play & learn

Though don't worry, this game is part about learning from your mistakes. We also offer a in-game food book, where you can learn more about healthier food and better diet. If you want to succeed in this game, you will have to learn and make better food choices!

Win Battles

When you do start making right choices, your pet's strength and powers will improve and he will become stronger in battles.

Unlock Rewards

Winning battles means getting points, unlocking new skills, powers and creatures!


Win fights, level up, collect points and compete against your real friends, Become the best crEATur master!

Get Started

What are you waiting for? Download the App and get your own pet creature!